Monday, 10 February 2014

Fairy Drops: Scandal Queen

Fairy Drops 'Scandal Queen' mascara £18.50*
By no means am I desperate for a mascara; my previous ones dried out resulting in failed reviving attempts and I haven't been able to find one that really suits my 'eye' needs.

My lashes are quite long, dark and thickish... but I still believe Mascara is one of the vital commodities. I usually apply both the top half and bottom half for extra dynamic, but it takes a few trial and errors to get the perfect look.

Enter the 'Fairy Drops; Scandal Queen' mascara-a product I have never heard of before a few weeks ago, when it was kindly gifted to me by Company magazine. The brush is of a thick fairy drops curved brush; a brush I have never seen before but was very intrigued. The brush is designed to be use on both the upper and bottom lashes, as well with its 5 treatment essences.
Of course I was a bit apprehensive when I first saw the brush; I usually go for a more thin, teeny weeny brush so it can reach those hard to reach places without making a splodgy mess.I'm sure everyone has been through this. I know I have. #trialanderror

It's a brilliant mascara, without the clumping; providing you thick and more defined look. The mascara is incredibly easy to apply and build up, is super black and adds length and volume as well as holding a curl. The unique shape is spectacular; as it gives you a more easier way of applying.

It is really easy to take off with a few simple wipes; much better than the other products I have used. And there was a few. The packaging is gorgeous and small enough to fit in my makeup bag, characteristics of which I love in a beauty product.

What do you think? Would you test this mascara out?

Chimere x


  1. love the mascara, when could it be able to get it? x

  2. gorgeous! Like I said I will be watching.