Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MAC mineralize 'golden hours' eye shadow.

Another post in my beauty week. wahey! This time its the MAC eye shadow palette, another of my favourites. A another gift by the lovely Company fashion team; these eye shadow colours have become my go-to favourite.

The nude palettes is amazing for my skin tone; making it stand out, with not much OTT; if you get my drift, perfect for those laid back types.
I've got to admit, I usually use MAC for the lipstick and the occasional eye liner; as the quality is mesmerising,  so you could understand the first time I saw this eye shadow kit; it was well ignored.

But, through many recommendations, and well needed use of the colours; I decided to give the nude's a shot. I love how the colours blend in to my skin tone, and they not only provide outstanding colour but they provide minerals too which is an amazing combination. I personally prefer to use my finger; in order to get the 'grudgy' look; which I'm sure many of you can relate too. But if you want to use different colours and tones in achieving a particular style; then a small brush is recommended.

Speaking of which, you can also combine the colours with others from different brands and tones which is amazing for those #trialanderror types. I love using the darker colours mixed in with the white tone; because it provides a distinctive tone. Going what I said about makeup bags, you don't really need to have it in there; as the colours are everlasting and are great quality.

What do you think of the colours?
Chimere x

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