Sunday, 9 February 2014

DKNY's 'apple in a box'

DKNY 'Golden Delicious' eau de parfum 30ml: £37.50*

DKNY is a name I've never tried for myself; either for smell or fashion. But I was very intrigued to try out the 'Golden Delicious' parfum; especially as I have heard so many positive things about it. Smell wise of course.

I personally love the apple shape flacon and the liquid colour, as it creates an effective illusion for an apple; as well as making it really pretty to look at.
Described as ' an opulent floral heart offers a bouquet of white roses, surrounded by Casablanca lilies.' It is a very feminine smell, a smell which lingers at most. I expected the smell to be quite strong and overpowering; but it's light and fresh with a girly edge. Very refreshing for such a small bottle.

I can definitely smell the apple sensation in the opening, an explosion of juicy flavour, with a floral side to it of course.
There is a sweetness a golden apple would bring to the plate but that's all. It's not stomac-lifting sweet or fruity. As it dries down, it becomes more of a woody floral (matches very well with the packaging); on my skin to my nose. It does become more of a warmer scent, which is perfect for a daytime to evening transition. Lasting many hours, there is no excessive spillage (which is preferable), and suitable for everyday situations.

The DKNY fragrances are designed to be worn alone; you don't want to overpower the smell with another, that can be for disastrous consequences. (TRUST ME!)

Although the size does seem quite tiny, I really love the 30ml as it is the perfect handbag size. Beautiful design, attached with a sweet smell and packaging? 'Golden Delicious' is perfect for those summer dreamers.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a DKNY perfume?

Chimere x


  1. Love the perfume! Had a quick whiff today and was mesmerised! You have inspired me to start me own blog. Love the ''beauty'' page too, much for easier. x

  2. Mmm this sounds yummy! Red Delicious has always been my favourite. ^_^

  3. yummy, have you tried the other perfume in the collection? very nice! I working in fashion and beauty and I am loving your posts, especially beauty, I will be watching! x