Sunday, 10 June 2012

Life of an intern...

I am sure you guys have heard me rant on about interning at NOW magazine. I thought I would share with you the interesting experiences during that placement.
As anyone, your guaranteed to be nervous on your first day: thoughts blaze into your mind 'will the people be nice?', 'Will there be too much work?'. I'm guessing you would conjure up those thoughts, especially when your watching the Devil wears Prada the night before (tut tut) But working at NOW magazine has been an amazing experience.

Knowing your not the only intern actually makes you feel calmer, especially because you have someone to talk too, laugh, and help each other.

The fashion cupboard was what I expected, big, packed of clothing, shoes and accessories for upcoming photoshoots. I also got the chance to be featured in the magazine twice. (Well my name was but still EXCITED :D).
Went on 2 absolutely amazing photoshoots, the first was the VOICE girls, if you read NOW you would understand a little bit about it; which was a Rock 'n' Roll shoot. It was a fab experience, going on your first photoshoot; meeting 'celebrities'. Now I know a little bit about what goes on behind X Factor. (But a little more hectic I might think so). Another shoot was with Jade; the stylist (an absolute babe, really nice and made me feel at home), I can't say much about this photoshoot but watch out for it, its gonna blow ya mind! You can't beat a day trip around london, surrounded by hilarious people, and colour. A very fun day, having to experience the sun too. (Never mind I wasn't actually dressed for the weather as it was freezing in the morning) It even ended with a marriage proposal..charming
:D Work hard, Play hard they say...

I also had the great oppurtunity to do a little fashion work for the magazine, if you read the magazine, you would know that they always incorporate the 'her style, your way' article's, a brilliant way of buying high street  versions of your favorite celebrities and what they wear . I did last weeks edition of 'Kristen Stewart', which was amazing, don't know, but the thought of getting your name featured in one of your favourite magazines is quite an achievement. And also, with the praise, it pushes you to work harder.
My last day was emotional, didn't want to leave, and seeing as my last week only consisted of 3 days because of the Jubilee and all, I didn't get enough time to mourn  finish my last week.
Overall, it has been an incredible, amazing, rewarding experience, everyone was so kind and welcoming, and I would definitely go back again.

Anyway,I  thought I should show you some images, just a small exclusive insight into what it's like to work for a top magazine:)
Enjoy x

View from the balcony..amazing / fashion cupboard (messy ain't it? :P)

My bag and goody bag* / Goody bags bits (chosen by moi) ;D
One of the outfits: Leather Jacket- Topshop / Bag- River Island / Spooty top- HM, Ring-Oasis, / Photo ID
*There will be a post on the goody bag goodies watch out


  1. amazing, so thats where you were off too :P.

  2. Waaah that looks like it was amazing! Fashion mag interning must just be the best, I need this!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  3. Sounds Amazing!!!!

  4. Wow the closet is messy~! i bet you had fun :)

    1. it is, the clothes are awesome. thanks x

  5. What an amazing experience!! You're so lucky to have had this oppurtunity!!

    Happy to be your newest follower, thanks for sharing your link with me! Can't wait to follow along :)

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. It was incredible. Haha thankyou x

      :).n ditto x

  6. The wardrobe department looks amazing!!! x

    1. It was, loads of nice clothes xx