Saturday, 9 June 2012

Chim Loves: Yayer

Hello again, 2  posts in a row, I'm on a roll. This  post consists of  Yayer clothing label (if you haven't seen their website i suggest you check them out, some pretty cool stuff).
Was recently introduced to Yayer and  I must say it reaches expectations, cool, urban, it's a sure thing for the summer wardrobe. My favourite is the  tribe cut out dress, would go perfect with my festival wardrobe, or to vamp it up a bit, a top hat and boots.

Ying to my Yang leggings / Aztec Pop bodycon dress

Acid house denim skirt / Spots and dots shirt

LA life tank top / Tribe walk cut out dress

Check out their site if you want to see what I'm bragging about. Internship post coming soon.


  1. This is the most amazing thing ever! I love these styles! :)

  2. awesome right! love that store x

  3. Ying Yang leggings <3 :) Also love the polka dot shirt and velvet skirt combo!