Friday, 8 June 2012


Hey guys, I know its been a while since i last blogged. Been really busy with my internship which is now coming to and end *sobsob*, but I had an amazing experience, met some lovely people; a blog post on it will be done soon so watch out.

Anyhoo this post is about the new header I recieved from the lovely Steph. To be honest my header did need a new makeover, and when Steph said she would do it for me i was soo happy. its more colourful, bright, eyecatching which is what my blog needed.

You don't always come across great, cheap deals when it comes to presenting your blog, many people charge up to £20 and it doesn't always suit the blogger's needs. Browsing the bonjour Belle Designs site, she offers a wide range of services and for less than £8!!!! cheap or whaaaa..

You can choose either the full set: which includes, header, background, button, image and so on, for that it should be higher, so i would definitely make most of this deal if I were you...
She can also custom make your header for the cheap price of £2. you can choose your own colours, size, images, fonts....

So if you guys want to sprooce  give your blog a makeover, then why not go on the site .

Bonjour Belle designs...amazing!


  1. love the header, havent heard for a while x

  2. Nice header. :D
    Following you now. follow back? :)