Thursday, 11 August 2011

Shopping; the way to go..

Hai again. This post is a little late but i tried to post  it before wednsday :( Hence the time.
Nothing really happened today, just usual work then home.

Looks like the RIOT has died down. finally.. We can all get back to our lives (and hopefully shop) in peace.

Today after work, i went shopping and brought some cool stuff. Most was for my uniform but others i just wanted to treat myself. Every girl that works hard..deserves a treat right? Agree? good. And so i ran into the dressing room with at least 10 items of clothing, of which had splashes of colour on them.

1.Embroidered lie top-£26/high wasted skirt-£30
2.Red long sleeve with transparent arm-£30
3.Black Evening dress-£75
 I especially love the embroidered top, because it has alternative styles. You can wear it with a high-waisted skirt as seen in the image, or with normal jeans or leggings.
Thats what i love. How one piece of clothing will look good with anything.

As said before..
Minimilistic yet powerful

The same goes with the red long sleeve, it can be worn at any part of the day.
Personally I would limit using accessories but if you find yourself being bold, why dont you try looking at the different accessories shown on Love heart and Crosses. online store.

 For number 3, i absolutely adore this black dress, i love the pleated line across the torso, which isinuates the curves. Its comfortable, and although it nots bold in terms of colour, it definitely is bold in terms of the style. Teamed with the linen can't go wrong with this frock.

Black flower embroidered dress-£50

One thing about this dress, it that it brings out the girliness in you. As soon as i tried it on, i almost felt as if i was a couple years younger.
Its so adorable and cute, including the flowers it creates an innocent yet beautiful impression.
Like a doll!
I presonally love the dress, you can wear it anywhere and anytime you like whether its a quikc trip to the market or for a lovely lunch out with the girls.

What these clothes have in common is that you can experiment with them. Casual or not; they still will look good on you. And at a good price...what you waiting for???

All products from Wallis online store. (except for the necklace of course)


  1. Doll I love your black dress is so chic!!! Come visit me soon. Following you now.

    <3 Marina

  2. thanks hun.

    I kno. so cute