Friday, 12 August 2011


For someone like me, the chance to even be considered as a finalist will be a dream come true. Ok, so i haven't been blogging really long, only about 2 months, and I'm sure there are many other applicants who have.

But may I say that I do have something which stands out...ORIGINALITY.

I adore fashion, I breathe fashion. Everyday i go out looking for new inspiration and new trends. I love to try new things yet add my own quirky style to the old.

The oppurtunity to be front row at the Look fashion show will be MEGAA!. Not only will I be blogging for my favourite fashion magazine, but I will also get the chance to get a sneak peak at clothes from my favourite high fashion retailers like Urban Outfitter, H &M, River Island...

Look magazine isn't like other typical magazines. One thing is that it incorporates different fashion trends from different retailers. I completely adore how it gives readers like me the oppurtunity to buy catwalk items at bargain prices.  OMG! and lets not forget the directory at the end of each issue. Amazing Bargain shoes at high fashion quality!! It is my favourite go-to magazine, for fashion advice, celebrity updates and it brightens up an evening. So you could see my atonishment when I saw the ad for the blogging competition a few weeks ago. I could feel my heart jump out of my chest and immediately thought of the many ways I could create my entry.

This is what inspires me to make a fashion blog, and wanting to show my individual style.
I adore writing. Sometimes i even look back and think 'Did I write that'?. It may sound cheesy, but it's true. I look for things that inspire me and write about them in the best way I can. Like how you buy clothes that resembles the 60's era. Particularly with studying a Journalism course, it encourages me to be more outspoken in my words and produce a vivid image in what I am talking about. To achieve this blogging experience would be life-changing, not only in oppurtunity but in self-discovery.

Like I said before, I don't have alot of blogging experience, but with me; the most important thing is that I am completely passionate about fashion and I am able to take it to the next level.

Hopefully my blog and blog post has showed you just how committed I am, not only to your magazine but fashion too. xo

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