Tuesday, 9 August 2011

R. I. O. T & Science

Ok, so today was a bundle.
 Left for work this morning, only to leave because my sister phoned my work place, about the police asking everyone go home early. Now here I am, laying in bed, eating nibbles, hooked on the news.

Can't get enough of this? Will keep you updated.

As for this post, I leave you with images of what i think is the most
scientific    &    smart
dress technniques shown on the Aqua by Aqua online Store.

Aqua Cape Maxi dress from Aqua-£55
Finsk for Aqua Wedge heel's-£420
I absolutely love this Olive Maxi dress, especially the transition from the front to the back,
its a bit like...
                                                             Business at the front
                                         Party at the back!!!!
YEAH BABEYY! (reference to Hannah Montana)

''Slash Neck column dress with side splits, extreme cowl back and elasticated strap.''

Amazing choice for a fabulous evening.

Team the dress with these accessories; also from Aqua, and you can't go wrong:

Aqua Albatross necklace-£120
Aqua Buzzard Cuff-£65

As with the heels, i love how the leather top is teamed with
                                ''the geometric wooden heel and rear zip.''

Creating an influential feeling to the person who wears the heels. It also differentiates the different between the heel itself, being 4 inches high.

These high profile products are definitely
''Worth the Price''.
(All part of ''Pyschocardiogram collection'')

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  1. yoo ur style is dope...i like how u put fings together x