Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today I had to work for a few hours, wasn't that bad because my colleagues are nice to be around :). But it was mega hot, seeing as I was mainly at the changing rooms which was quite hot yet newly polished.

Everyone liked my uniform
 (btw, its not like a typical uniform where workers wear full on black all the time) No. Workers can get 60% off clothes in the store and get an allowance.
 Now I can't show you what it exactly was, but lets say its fashion forward. hehe.
My manager said I looked more like I represented the brand very well. I was very pleased.
On another note. I brought to work a nice leather side bag that my sister got from Primark. (yess cheapooo but who cares :p), it was only £7 which was good price considering its kinda small and can't fit too much of my stuff in wihch is a shame.
And you know how us girls are, we like to bring as much things as we can in our, mobile phones, mirrors, purses...the list is endless.
Leather Printed shoulder bag
Tomorrow i get a well deserved rest, and then back to hard work on Friday.
Gosh now i really am looking forward to payday.


  1. I love it.
    The purse is really nice, have one myself. So agree wiht you. quite small but its fashionabale. :)

    defo recommomend this blog to mates

  2. itschim blogger13 July 2011 at 19:50

    aww thankyouu miss sarah :).

    i know. bags needs to be bigger...haha

    thanks babe xx