Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fashion, hopes @ Bargain Prices.

I love Forever21. Their clothes are so feminine yet they apprehend a boho chic feeling to it. What I love about the clothes is that every product is under £40. Which is a real bargain, considering it being an American store and newly opening. I had to work so sadly i missed the 3-5pm goodies which was a shame, but i treated my self to amazzing jean shorts and a linen cropped top (images soon come)

Im strolling in the website looking for some good things to buy and I found this beautiful floral dress. It is really printed and LOUD, so I dont need that much accessories which is great.  INSPIRATION

Floral no-strap dress
Forever 21

I love to accessorize with clothing. Whether its bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on. I feel they just 'finish' an outfit. You can wear simple black jeans blouse, and team it up with sparkling necklaces and a collection of rings. Minimilistic yet powerful.
I put together a bunch of examples which you can use. All from Forever 21 site. :)

1.Bohemian Glamour ring-£5.65
2.Swirling head knuckle ring-£3.90
3.Oval Shield ring-£3.90
4.Trible Knuckle ring-£4.90
5.Panda Bear Ring-£3.90
6.Pearlescent Panda ring-£3.90

1. Faux Crackled Stone Necklace-£6.65
2. Shimmering heart necklace-£2.40
3.Sparkling Skull necklace-£4.90
4. Bling Bunny necklace-£4.90
5.Teddy bear charm necklace-£3.15
6. Rabbit Charm Necklace-£3.15


  1. my favourite is the american flag shorts.
    loving itttt....

  2. i knoo right. favvv