Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Krisp Loves

Ello. I'm back. Almost done with my assignments I can literally taste the freedom. A much needed catchup post soon, but for now I thought I'd show you some of my summer favourites in time for summer. It may not feel like it just yet, but today was quite warm; so I'm feeling a bit happy :D. For this post, I start off with Krisp fashion. I was recently introduced to this fashion store and I must say it truly has some amazing stuff. They incorporate lovely pieces from other stores which makes it a more fantastic shopping experience.
Below are a couple of my utmost favs form their website, although I have to wait a little while to start putting these in my wardrobe.

Purple Floral Strappy Wedge, Loafer Slipper Flats, Multicoloured platform wedge.

Pleated button self tied dress,Deep V-Neck pleated dress,  Chain Print bodycon dress, Printed hitch hem dress.

Butterfly printed chiffon top, Oversized Batwing crochet jumper

Here are a couple of my favourites, my love goes to the wedges, colourblock and comfortable. You can't get better than that. I usually come up with supposed outfit ideas all ready, so you can imagine what I have with these lot. x
If you want to shop their amazing products then why not click here

Or better yet, in order to keep updates with their new amazing products, or join in their competitions, their previous one was to win the floral beauties above. So follow on @krispclothing

p.s Don't worry there will be a lot of outfit posts to come, plus some exclusive images from the Launch of Acid Magazine in Shoreditch. It truly was an amazing event, cupcakes, photobooth, fashion show. More to come x


  1. I love the dressess, and the wedges are absolute gorge. Definitely ready for summerx
    Looking at their store now x

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing I'll definitely check this out! xx

    1. Thanks hun. Their store is amazing x

  3. Hey, just saw their store.r your right, amazing stuff x

  4. Love this post, especially the leopard print alladin type shoes.. Wanted some for ages & managed to find some from primark in Manchester for £6! Il be doing a haul soon with them included in it :)
    Loving the blog, now following .

    Natalie, x

  5. Love this post! Especially love the leopard alladin style shoes! I wanted some for ages but was short for cash, and managed to find some in Primark in Manchester this weekend for £6! :)

    http://seeitbuyitblogit.blogspot.com x