Monday, 27 February 2012

Rohmir -LFW

I recently attended another Fashion event: Rohmir. Incredible presentation. It was like being transported to the Orient. And you don't get that often. With oriental ornaments, and rose bowls, cushions; it definitely was fashion forward. Much different to other fashion shows I have been too; in a good way of course. Greeted with the handbook of her latest creation, it is definitely a must-see.
Of course I have no favourite creations as I believe they all encompassed something very unique., but I did love the pink shift dress which was cute, feminine and modern. Taking place at Freemasons hall; there was a desired amount of space to show off the creations, the models beautifully pulled them off.
Key pieces within the collection are the snakes skin jumpsuit, bubblegum pink blazer and the fur jacket. Many textures occurred making a truly astounding exhibition.

I took a lot of images of the prestigious event, but below are a few pics of my favs.

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  1. Hey, I attended the presentation as well! It was gorgeous and I must say my favourite was the little black dress with the big ruffle details on the shoulder