Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shoe Fetish: Comfy Loafers #3

Dark Orange Platform Loafers / Dorothy Perkins

Brown Print Chain slipper Loafer / River Island

Vow Velvet Snaffle trim Loafers / Topshop

So sorry it's been a week since I last posted, so much has been happening and I haven't really had enough time to blog recently.
Since I'm starting Uni next week, I asked for more overtime so I have some decent spending money at the end of the month, working hard :(.
Getting a new camera this week, so hopefully I can take more of my style other than copying different fashions and pasting them on my blog.
Went West end with some work buddies Saturday after work. Clubbing therapy was well needed, was quite an adventure, ended up going to an 'after after party' because the line for one club was too long, only to find some weird drunk OLD man following me and my mates around the club.

How was your week LOL?

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  1. I love the topshop velvet loafers. What sort of camera :)?x