Monday, 26 September 2011

Shoe Fetish: Platform heaven (#2)

Gucci Suede Platform pumps | NET-A-PORTER

Revive Heaven suede Platforms |(ASOS). 

Hello, sorry again for the lateness, just came in from work and my feet kills :( But i managed to get a few Suede lookers from different shopping sites.
Im a wedge type of girl,  their comfortable, fashionable and they go in different color's and style which is an indeed must. Thought I'd show you my ideal favorites, especially the GUCCI ones which are my total fave *gaps*
Tomorrow is my day off so I'm planning to use it wisely, plus I have a few 'furry treats in store'. Oh and Made in Chelsea is back, plus TOWIE. Loving TV at the moment, always entertained, need to cut back on the TV though, starting UNI soon, so need to learn to distance myself, but I guess that's what SKY+ is for :P
Fashion Note: Don't be afraid to wear contrasting colour's. Be Bold, not boring.


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment girl, nah not procrat just got assigned that as it was their conference week. It is cruel that they make shoes so expensive.x

  2. Oh ok, fair enough haha! Essays r such a drag! :(.¥ I kno, the guccishoes r amazing but it would leave a burning whole in my pocket :(m

  3. Those gucci shoes are soo pretty :)

  4. Wauww those shoes are amazing, especially the second one

    x Hajar & Mounia