Monday, 8 August 2011

Follow the fashion...

Went out today with my sisters to the town, to do some erands, it was a quite windy day, but it didn't bother me, we were too busy laughing over good memories and the funny situations we encounter during our time at work, and because it was nice to get out the house a little.
Starting to feel better, after a 2 day headache which drowned my body :(

But now im on the rise for amazing new stuff.

Printed top from Wallis-£20 (SALE)
Jeans from Bear and Pull-£15.99
Sandals from Jane Norman-gift

Beetle sparkly ring from Accessorize-£5 (SALE)
Giant silvers sparkly ring from River Island-£7.99

I brought these cool rings from Accessorize and River Island today, love them, so hip and young and i love how they sparkle in the picture.
As with the rings shown in my other posts, i am addicted to special jewellery right now. Especially the bohemian sheek, which goes with anything you wear.

I brought this beautiful, leather printed shoulder bag from River Island a couple days ago. Love it. Havent managed to wear it yet, but as soon as i get the chance, i will jump right to it.
Quite cheap, so you could imagine my eagerness for a bargain.

Leapod Print over shoulder bag
River Island
Hot Pink, Blue & Orange Suede Clutch bags
Miss Selfridge
all £28 each
   I am in love with these bags. Whenever i think about them, i always conjure up the different styles and
materials i can match with them.
And since colourblocking is a major fashion trend right now, the colours are perfect.

  • Electric colour
  • Graphic Print
  • Maxi lengths
  • Bright Whites

Cheryl Cole and her vibrant colour at Xfactor USA auditions

Well she certainly does make a memorable first impression.
Her first outfit on the USA Xfactor version,
 goes to far with a tangerine, turqouise, and purple combo combined with big hair, ruffles and sidewalk-scuffing trousers.
I love the colour dont get me wrong, as with the turquoise belt, but they are not really fashion forward together.

Creating a style clash. Making the outfit look loud, and uninteresting.

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  1. oh wow, i totally agree with cheryl coles dress sense yukk

    love the bags, have one myself :)