Sunday, 10 January 2016

None can never have too much jewellery eh?'

Hello guys.

A bit of a ghost town on 'Its Chimmy', but unfortunately I have been tied up with work engagements. I have acquired a shift in my blogging commitments and will try to post more outfits and wish lists for all you fab readers. For this post, however I wanted to 'feature' something a bit different to the norm.

Living and working in London, I always pass by some unusual and intriguing little shops, but I always become blasé to them; never actually stepping inside and looking around. A pet peeve!
However, I recently heard about a new store opening nearby my house (well the shop has been open over a year..) and I wanted to have a quick look inside before meeting friends for a catch-up lunch.

Joy - a glorious shop that sells everything from womenswear/menswear and gifts, to cards, novelty's and homeware. Oh, How I love when I can find everything I need in one location. Their products are unique and in some ways rare; and that's what i love about Joy. I brought the elephant ring holder (as seen above) and I have had so many compliments from recent visitors.

I plan on visiting more shops like Joy in the future and hopefully find a few small 'jewels' to increase my collection.

C x


  1. love JOY, their items are so different its fantastic x

  2. WANT WANT WANT! I love your blog, your blog is so different. Would love to hear your views on other brands x