Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dead Sea Spa *Diamond Range* review

A big fan of  these products for ages, time for you to be too :D

I wouldn't say I am the biggest 'beauty obsessive', but I can't deny a perfect product. 

I recently came across the 'Dead Sea Spa Magik Diamond Range' a few months ago for work and I have become quite intrigued with the collection. Each product provides different benefits which is  perfect; especially when someone like me has a continuing bulging make-up bag. Providing the perfect cleansing finish; both the Pro-Cleanser and Pro-Toner has been a great addition to my morning skincare routine, whilst the Marine Miracle Moisturiser is great for applying during the day and night. 

24 hr Miracle Moisturizer: Says it all on the tin really. I haven't finished using my first tube but I am already wanting more.The Moisturizer leaves my skin smooth and refreshed; perfect for a hardworking PR girl like me :D An excellent base for make-up, the cream is brilliant and non-greasy and and provides a creamy-like texture. The multi-mineral blend is packed full of minerals to keep the skin youthful and softened. A perfect moisture product if you ask me. Hydrating, anti-ageing and deeply conditioning; this truly is a miracle moisturizer. Pro-Toner; What I love about this toner is that it's refreshing. I don't wear much makeup unless for an important/fun events/meeting but even so; the Dead Sea Spa Pro-Toner helps keep my skin sooth throughout the day. Perfect for Summer (hydrating) and for those cooler days (moisturizing). Don't you love it when you can get everything you need in one product? I sure do. It's like having my own professional spa at home. LOVE! Pro-Cleanser:Similar to the Pro-Toner, the Dead Sea Spa Magik Pro-Cleanser is perfect for soothing and calming my skin. Getting older; I love to experiment when it comes to my skin, be it foundation, cleansers or lipstick - I think trying different brands, colors and shades is one of the best thing's you can do for quality and . Not going to lie; I have never really 'looked after' my skin before this product, it was usually wash, dry, cream, make-up (bad I know!) Working in beauty; I have the opportunity of exploring new ways of keeping my skin refreshed and spot-free through different brands - even if they are goodies :D. Creamy, and can be used with or without water; the new Pro-Cleanser is perfect for anyone who is willing to try something new and get amazing results!

*This post is not sponsored by Dead Sea Spa Magik in no shape or form; I just love their brand.

C x