Monday, 9 November 2015

Filorga Absolute Wrinkles Correction Cream


Rest assured; our young selves, do have insecurities that don't tend to reveal to the outer world, but I'm a bit too prematured for 'anti-ageing' at the moment...

Read below who isn't...

Working in PR; my daily activities can take a toll on my skin; whether its running errands, to attending events, or meeting journalists, you can never stop, look in a mirror and specifically inspect your features. Wondering if anything has changed... This is why I get veyr picky with my moisturizers, creams, face wipes and lotions and potions. We look for the brand and not the benefits the so called 'brand' brings us.

Hence Filorga's new 'Absolute Wrinkles Correction Cream'...Probably not the most exciting product in everyone's eyes but I'm quite happy with it - I do use the product on a part of me which I feel needs it the most. (sorry it's not my face, but it is a secret... although I will tell if you comment below...) :)

I really like the Filorga Absolute Wrinkles Correction Cream even though it's anti-ageing (prevention is better than cure right?), it sinks into the skin well and the scent is quite nice. Although I am quite young to be using a Wrinkle cream; my families live by it!

I understand the products UIP is 'After 3 days, the appearance of line is reduce by 19%' Great! I'll be sure to ask my Nan when she tries it next week!
When your surrounded by products galore, all marketing false, newsworthy messages; it's really hard to find a product that suits your needs when and where you want it too.

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! (yes, another capitalization)

What I do love about the product, is its velvet-like texture. Easy to apply and rub; that's all you need for supple, younger skin. All their anti-ageing creams contain active ingredients identical to those used in medical practices:
- Hyaluronic acid; typically presented in our injectables....(you know the standard..botox..lip fillers...)
- NCTF; their exclusive formula identical to the one injected in mesotherapy (Insert celebrity quote here)

All in all, the ultra rich cream is effective and rich.. My mum loves it (although she doesn't it....) and I would definitely grab it off the shelves in the next 50 years or soo..


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