Thursday, 26 February 2015


One word springs to mind when writing this post...

'2 months later and the first post back is on LFW?'.

Yes, but is worth it.

Well starting a new job (eek!) I have been really busy busy busy, like head stuck in the screen, obsessed with caffeine, eating reception sweets; busy. But what I love about my new PR job is that the perks is incredible. For example, I had the opportunity to visit THE Apartment during LFW this week for one of our clients.

Now for those who don't know the Apartment (must be living under a rock), the concept was founded by AbiMarvel, allowing bloggers, media, artists to relax in between shows and have a good time. I have been a big fan of Abi since I first heard the amazing concept, so to be able to experience that as part of my job is a definitely high for me.

Being more work than pleasure; I did have the opportunity to sit with Abi and Shini Park from Park & Cube in the main bedroom of the apartment (and what an apartment it was...private elevator, transparent floors, pizza on service...bonus!) discussing our collaboration with other boring business stuff.

I also had the opportunity to meet Jenny D from ASOS Beauty; who is an absolute doll as well as get my nails done by the nail stations. Being a freelance journalist and (use to be regular but will be soon)  blogger; I was also invited to view some shows; but couldn't because of work; but in September you will definitely be seeing me on the SR (second row) haha.

Ending the experience with a huge bag of Pick 'n' Mix and a sheer enthusiasm of the day's events, I must say my LFW dream of the Apartment has come true.

Keep it coming please.


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