Friday, 25 April 2014

The Minajesty

'Minajesty' by Nicki Minaj. 1.7 fl oz
Another perfume to join the collection. Nicki Minaj has done it again; following the menial success of 'Pink Friday', I was super excited to hear about Minajesty; and did it not dissappoint.
I would describe the fragrance as a ''passionate love affair', with a fruity, sweet smell. As a fellow fragrance obsesser; I always fall in love with lasting smell. This smell is very similar to Pink Friday but with a more citrus aroma. You do get that lemon, red berries smell about a minute or so later, then you smell the magnolia, orchid and frangipani.

What really dragged my attention, and capture me in the most, was the chic packaging. We all know Nicki Minaj for being extravagent and overzelous in her approach to style. Pink (being one of my favourite colours) definitely makes it out as a ''girls girl'' perfume, matched with silver studs to add in an extra grunge look to it. The bottle itself is seriously gorgeous! Similar to Nicki's previous perfumes yes, but they always have a significant different in terms of colours and styles.
Wouldn't mind carrying the bottle with me; wish someone made it in to a phone cover. #themasterofmarketing.

The smell transports you to an exotic island, holding a sex on the beach and enjoying the view.

Verdict? You have done well my minajesty.

C x

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