Sunday, 5 January 2014

Victoria's Secret: The review. / Part 1

I have a strange VS addiction.

I don't do a product review that often; as a matter of fact at all. Whenever I am sent or buy something; cosmetics, clothes or food (ha), I just use it without showcasing it to the bloggerssphere, and if I ever do a review, it's on a recent celeb/retailer collaboration. But seeing as it is 2014, I want to start changing the content of my blog; from the ever known 'wishlists' to product reviews. YAY!

As a beauty and fashion junkie; I try to experiment; whether its for lipsticks, makeup and nails; I usually stay on one branded item and then ignore the rest. Maybe I'm worried that certain brands wont 'accentuate' my features, or I just live in one brand at a time. Bad I know; but I've recently known that it is important to try new things. I've just started using Mac 'Russian Red'. But then I misplaced it and started using Mac, Ruby Woo. (Don't judge me) 

For my first time using matte, I wear it religiously. If you follow me on instagram; you would see that many of my pictures are with me gloriously wearing my red lippy,like this one for example.. I might do a full tutorial soon.. so watch this space.

I do love a bit of body mist when it comes to spritzing every day, morning (and some nights). I must admit, I tend to develop amnesia and forget it exists; relying on my usual 'Fantasy' and 'CKUN2U' instead. So it's quite a surprise I'm doing a review on a body spray, and not perfume. Recently gifted to me by my younger sister, from her American excursions; I was curious to test out the fragrance mist, and I can say that curiosity has turned to disbelief. In a good way of course. 
In my own points of view, I personally feel that whenever known brands product their own line of cosmetics; I feel as though they move towards the 'tacky' side. I mean, focus on what you do best! 
But how was I wrong in this case. Scent-wise, I know what I like and it can mostly be 'everlasting sweetness'. As soon as I pop open the lid, I am greeted to a  sweet but sensual smell, a smell which has since grown on me. I could definitely grab a sense of the cranberry fragrance with one sniff. 

Mind you, I don't really drink Cranberry, but this body mist surely makes up for it. As I spray it on my wrist; I am enthrusted with a strong sense which gradually grows into a candy-coated sensation. This is when I am able to get a whiff of the Plum aroma; which makes for a pleasant combination.

The packaging surely draws you in. Victoria's Secret highlights sexy, feminine, features which this bottle accentuates. The colour of the mist itself; symbolizes passion, fire as well as sexuality. Not too bad for VS I might add, and it definitely does what it says on the tin bottle. Speaking of:

'Dream of passion.
A holiday fantasy of
iced Cranberry and Winter Plum.
Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning 
Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile Spray on for
the perfect touch of scent.'

Watch out for the VS review, part 2. which will be coming in a couple of days. 



  1. OMG I LOVE IT! Your sister has great taste. Keep this up. will be watching. x