Saturday, 23 November 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop

Which Cherry are you?

Hey guys, long time no speak. For this post, I thought I would share with you my ultimate favs from the new Meadham/Topshop collaboration. Now I must warn you, the following is not for the faint hearted, plain dressed, and anti colour types. I must admit, my first impression of the MK collection wasn't exactly (love at first sight)... rainbow colours, pastels, neon and lots and lots of checkers. But after getting over the shock and excitement over the styles and prices (£70 for a red lurex cardigan. ahem.) I actually found myself warming up to the designer capsule collection.

The MK collaboration with Topshop, was inspired by the idea of a band or gang called  'The Cherrys', as well as the overall aesthetic was influenced by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Kembra Pfahler and glam rock.
The collection features everything from PVC, to mangolian shearling; with lashings of ruffles, lace and glitter. Heaven!

Available to all shoppers 21st November, I have no doubt this particular collaboration will be a hit. Just remember, first come first served!.

As shown on the website, the MK collection, is situated in 4 different categories, determining your style personalities:

 Cherry Pikka, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Cherie and Cherry Satanika.

(Does the 'which cherry are you?' make sense now?)

After looking at all the collections, I personally would identify myself as Cherry Pikka. I love mix and matching different colors and patterns as well combining different materials in my outfits, so the colour clash and fabric mashup looks are well great in my boat.
Just to have a little idea into the different styles of each category, below are a few of my favourite products..

I love the hand crochet detail on the dress and jumper; I also love how you can wear them with different colours, whether it be lipstick, jewellery etc. You can't go wrong with a colourful crochet right? As soon as I saw the monster angora jumper I completely fell in love; I personally have hundreds ok maybe not hundreds...but alot  of printed jumpers, and this one is right up my street. Ignore the price tag of course.

One word to describe this collection: Pink. Pink Pink Pink. 3 words?  I love how you can mix and match the different colours, materials and styles, for example: with the pale pink slip dress, all I need to do is pop on a thick jumper, add tights and ankle boots. Voila!! Ready for winter. 

90's Diva. The bold prints are certainly lusting to the eye, The tiger angora jumper: very winter and styling appropriate. And I just adore the zig zag over the knee socks. Perfect for Disco night!

Orange, red, flames and eyeballs! Whats not to love? The Satanika collection literally keeps you warm with these amazing products. All we need now is a fire breathing starlet and we're done. 

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