Friday, 14 September 2012

Wishlist 4: Lazy Oaf

1. Lazy Oaf Dish Dash Slob t-shirt £17.50 (sale)
2. Lazy Oaf batman Exclusive leggings in Bat Logo print £38
3. Lazy Oaf batman exclusive crop shirt Bat print £60
4. Lazy Oaf alien t shirt £15 (sale)
5. Lazy Oaf x batman exclusive shirt in bat logo print £65
Hey guys, wanted to show you my new found love for Lazy Oaf. Mainly sold in Asos, i recently came across this amazing brand through some friends (and celebs) and wanted to show some of my favourites. 
P.S Seeing as I am at the end of my internship *sob sob*, thought I should at least catch up on some much needed blogging. Have a 'masculine' inspired outfit post coming soon so watch out. since LFW has started and im missing half of it, thought to stream it online, just saw Bora Aksu and thought it was incredible, the colours, fabrics, were amazing! Can't wait to actually be there in person :D

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