Sunday, 23 September 2012

MoneySupermarket: Passion for Fashion

Hey guys,

The lovely people over at MoneySupermarket are holding a competition for fashion bloggers, giving us the chance to create five different outfits for five different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the perfect autumn/winter wardrobe.
Each pieces of each outfit can come from an online retailer of your choice, but they must be under £200 and include some aspects of shoes and accessories.

For more information and how to enter the competition, click here.
To get the chance to pick and choose your favorite outfits, is amazing, but daunting as there is so many amazing online stores and products. I decided to choose pieces which will be high in quality but still within the budget.

Party wear

Clean biker jacket-Topshop-£55

I am a sucker for bold prints, especially for a night out, as it will surely make you stand out from the crowd. (And score you  free drinks..hollaa)  Bold and bright prints are a common theme on the catwalk, for example as seen on Burberry, McQueen and Topshop Unique, and so I made sure to incorporate those pieces for this outfit. What I love about this dress is not only the colours but as it is a bodycon dress (meaning gorgeously fitted on those lustrous curves) means you can still move around on the dancefloor. Topshop is a perfect place to find your night dresses, and they usually take their prices into acount..I mean £30 for a show stopping dress is pretty bargainable to say the least.
 To keep it edgy yet practical I added a leather jacket; just to tone down the look and in case it starts to get a bit nippy too. To keep it safe for the eyes, stay minimal with the accessories, you don't need too much; the dress does the talking for you.  As these type of prints are gloriously praising the catwalk, tie your hair up in a bun and you are ready to rock the night.
Total cost:  £145

Office wear

I really love the urban work wear, this blazer is my absolute favorite, so I was eager to incorporate it into the outfit. A/W is known for its use of darker colours; black, navy, burgundy and of course dark red. I kept it simple with monochrome looks; the plain white shirt and black it could be more suitable to the office environment.  Matching it with a collar blouse creates a  hippy look yet with patent loafers for a more formal 'schoolgirl' tone. In terms of jewellery and accessories, again I kept it simple as I didn't want to overcrowd the whole look. I included the Moc Croc phone cover as it matched the overall colour palette, plus it was very sheek and matched the outfit. The watch I included is perfect for the day, its plain white so it will go with any outfit, plus its on SALE FOR £14.50! (another bargain found woohoo..)
 Perfect for winter.
Total cost: £197.49

First Date

Heart and Bows black baywood blazer-Ark Clothing-£34.99

Annie lace shoe boot-Tribecashoes-£25

For this outfit, I wanted to create a formal and comfortable yet stylist outfit. I chose a floral playsuit vamping it up with a  black blazer and shoe boots. I surrounded around the theme of rose gold, with the accessories as I felt it perfectly matched the playsuit's tone.Love how simple the outfit is yet strong too. I know what your thinking, 'where are the heels?', I'm sure everyone can relate to almost tripping on their faces on a night out, so it would be even more embarrassing if you were to trip in front of the man in question. Thought it would be more practical to wear shoe boots; and as they are a popular trend, you will not only look stylish but also walk with confidence. RESULT! 
Total cost: £158.98

Outdoor wear

Only Black Skinny jeans-New Look-£27.99

Porkie pie hat-Topshop-£25

Black studded biker boots-Dorothy Perkins-£45

For outdoor wear, I made sure to take the weather into account. Seeing as it is (really) starting to get cold, I added the Camo army jacket; as it is an amazing component, and it incorporates the same themes as on the catwalk for A/W.  Also these Dorothy Perkins combat boots, which are perfect for any cold weather, to keep your feet warm, plus the added bonus of studs; making more fashionable too.  I'm the type of gal that loves wearing quirky clothing, thus why I included the porkie pie hat (what a catchy name) as I thought it would fit in with the outfit. 
Total cost: 191.98

Casual wear

High Roller Tee-Topshop-£10

Girly ankle lace socks-American Apparel-£8

What comes to mind with casual is being comfortable in your clothes, I chose to add a shirt and jumper, in case it gets t0o hot or cold, and incorporated leggings instead of jeans to make it easier for you to move. What I love about casual wear, is whether you are going out to the shops or just walking down the street; you can wear anything without it being complicated. Throw on a jumper, leggings and your done. 
 In accessories I used frilly socks plus band rings to accessorise the outfit. What I love about the jumper is not only the rich colour, but also the sequin detailing around the neckline; it softens up the whole outfit, (nevertheless making it look as though you made an effort..wahey to Topshop!) The frilly socks are very cute, especially as they match the outfits colour scheme. Comfy is the way.
Total Cost: £130.98

Thanks for reading x