Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thrift Store heaven

Once the weather turns chillier, we inevitably turn from our closets in despair' where did all the clothes we brought last winter go? Time for some seasonal shopping, although this year's budget is, um, a little tighter than last year's. Especially for students. So I am pleased to offer you some recession shopping spots to check out.

East End Thrift Store, the place to go for fashionable clothes at bargain able prices. 
£10 or less seems pretty reasonable don't you think?
It might not be as pretty as some of the other vintage shops, but stripped warehouse space has a certain functional charm all of its charm.(lol)
This is no ordinary boutique though because at the East End Thrift Store you get plied with free champagne and good loud music. Most people were pissed and running around in a frantic shopping frenzy, but we still managed to get a few intelligible words on clothes and comfort.

Unit  1A. The Waterman's Building. Assembly Passage, City of London E1 4UT

Head to The Brick Lane Thrift Store, newly opened in the East End. Everything there is priced at or around £10 ($15), meaning you can buy a lot for a little. Rifle through the awesome collection of scarves, belts and other accessories to add something special to your outfit, too.
The Brick Lane's staff is laid back but intimidatingly trendy. We trusted their opinions and ended up with some nice finds like a cool, retro forest green "cardy" (cardigan) and a wool miniskirt that seemed like it was made for us. Another perk? Brick Lane somehow magically avoids the weird-thrift-shop-smell thing that most of its counterparts can't.

68 Schlater. Shadwell, City of London/ E1 6HR


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