Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What I brought this week?-YSL edition :)

OMG! it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted (bad bad), but i deeply apologize, for those of you that has my twitter you would see that I'd always promise to write a post on the day but never get the chance too. University and work has been taken up alot of my time. Plus I was chosen as the 'Fashion Editor' for my university magazine. good times :) SO have been writing a lot of articles and so so for the deadline which was last been busy with that.
On the other hand I recently brought some good stuff. Amazing actually! :)

After the responses from my last post, I set out to find the YSL ring and to my luck (yess),I recently saw this beauty, of course it was in different colours but pink is my all time favorite colour plus it was just £15. Almost £100 less than what you'd buy it for in Selfridges. BARGAIN?!
The packaging was reasonable, had to go all the way to post office seeing as it was too big to fit in my letterbox (when it was really small enough), when i got it i just quickly ripped open the parcel, and there it was *heaven music*. I wear it all the time, and I have received amazing comments about it.
Why not do the same. :)

YSL arty ring | Lovehearts&crosses

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