Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Magnetic Nails & Violent Lips

Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish.
I recently have been drawn into this new 'trend'..the Metallic trend. Among 'Models Own', Nails Inc have become an enormous hit. Although these magnificent three aren't like normal nail polishes. First they each are named after famous London Landmarks:
-Metallic Purple | Houses of Parliament.
-Metallic Silver | Trafalgar Square
-Metallic Gold | Big Ben

Each lid contains Metallic particles creating magnetic nail art through different angles. It really is amazing girls!
I'm trying to get my hands on these lovelies myself, but it proves not to be easy. But I found out that there are a variety of shopping centre's that are selling the polishes only at £13 each. :)
Here's how you cans see which is most nearer.
Wouldn't mind as a bday/Christmas prezzie. :) Any offers? HA!

I was recently given a package from My Street Chic which was a set of 3 temporary lip tattoos. (remember Jessie J?). I haven't tried them yet, but I'm tempted especially since its Halloween is closing in and I need to be creative some how. It comes in different styles and textures.


  1. I love violent lips! I used the pink rose a little while back :)


  2. Violent Lips are a GREAT new product, they are so fun to wear out on weekends :)