Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fashion Emerging Designers-VERGI

Want to know the next Fashion Emerging Designers? Look now further...

With its eccentric, unique, incomparable and exceptional style, VERGI is the one to watch.
Created by both Alesia Rolik & Jekaterina Vasilega in 2007, their aim was to 'invent' a  new vivid and stylish fashion label which would sell individual creations for individual people.
Through the use of distinctive materials and shapes, the brand allows you to be create your own style that would represent your personality and inner 'glam'.

all images from here
What I really love about this particular Fashion Brand is that to me they have different types of fashion. You have the 'Futuristic' which is combining creative fabrics/materials and shapes in order to create a very groundbreaking piece and the other which is more modern yet with added materials in order for it to be more unique. My favorite is the above one; mainly it is such a memorable piece and it emphasizes individuality. The scenery make's it more realistic and more dynamic, which is what a fashion brand is all about: Memorable and defined.

All images from here

These designs were from the Women Spring/Summer '09 collection, and they still remain timeless.
It has even been recognized through the 'Fashion Industry Network'.

Just so you know, you can always find designer products are high street prices; just to prove that you don't need all the money in the world. Below is 2 examples of a high street version of the designs that I liked. (Boy did it take a long time to find...)

VERGI dress, Asos dress

VERGI dress, | VERY dress

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