Thursday, 15 September 2011

Zalando Fashion Frenzy competition

Hey, guys.
Being a student at university is not cheap, especially when you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, or make your own. It sometimes gets me fustrated when I can't afford the things I really want.
So when a fellow blogger told me about the 'Zalando fashion frenzy' competition, I immediately thought my problems have gone away.
 Basically Zalando is holding an exciting competition for us bloggers (and facebookers), they are giving a lucky person the chance to win a £300 voucher every month for a whole year (that's £3600 worth of amazing clothes, shoes and accessories all at bargainable prices) to spend on their online fashion store!! What do you have to do to win this prize you ask? Well that's the fun and easy part!
All you have to do is put together a 'dream outfit' using items from and when you are done, post it on your blog explaining what you've chosen and why, linking your chosen items back to Zalando. After you’ve posted, simply leave your name and URL in the comment box here. If you don't win the 'grand, and amazing' prize, you still have a chance at winning some runner up prizes so give it a go! Here is the example blog post for a little idea.

Well enough about that, here's my take on my 'ideal outfit', the difference is I have actually chosen a 'day' and 'evening' outfit. I just thought, if you get the chance to show your individual style, why not show it both way eh?. Was a hard choice though, took me an hour and a half to finally decide. Hope its to your liking:

*Day outfit* Minimilistic yet Powerful
1. D&G Canotta vest I'm a vest type of girl, and when I saw this D & G vest online i instantly fell in love with it. Ignore the price, but to me it is amazingly cheap for a 'D & G vest'. I love how it differentiates with other vests because the logo is on the front. It makes space for a necklace which is amazing.  £47.95

2.Modalu London- Gwapa small grab shoulder bag Seriously I love this bag. Not just how you can wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hand, making it 'completely wearable'. But also because it's high fashion and  has alot of compartments to put our girl things in (makeup, lipstick, mobile phones...) Worth the price £220

3.Seven Seconds Brogue. LOVE LOVE LOVE!. This is why Brogues are hot on the trend right now, their comfortable, appealing, high quality, cheap and you can wear them with anything. I'll take them anyday £35.95                                                       
4.KILLA liberty trousers. One thing about these jeans, is that they can go with anything, I love the colour wash as well as how the length isn't too long. Gives you the chance to show off those amazing brogues.£69.95                                                

Bruuns Bazaar Blazer (alliteration, aah love it!). I have always fantasized about wearing long blazers, especially since you can wear it with anything. This is shown  with the transitions from my 'day'to 'night' outfits as a 'key piece'. Because it's long, is a big bonus, because it looks 'high fashion', and it can keep you warm in the cold weather. £249.99
Rouge Dior lipstick. Another 'key piece' for my collection eh? lol. I havent tried it before but I'm eager to see the results. Dior always exceeds my expections. £25.95

*Night outfit* Killer Red
1.Minimum KAMILLA-short dress  This beauty is an amazing dress for night out. The back is my favourite part: it has a cross-strap so it shows a bit of skin. The material insinuates the curviness of the dress. With only one more left, this is a stealer at £59.95
2.Ursula Mascaro platform heels. UGH LOVE!, the fierceness of the red combined with the 4" inch heel. The leather makes it even better. Definitely worth the price. £200
3.Minna Parikka Clutch bag. This is an amazing clutch, I especially love the red lips used as a button. Inreference to the 'women are dangerous' theme. I wouldn't want to carry a handbag on my night's out, plus this clutch suits my whole outfit indefinitely. £265

4.PRITI NYC MINI-nail polish. Matches the colour scheme of my outfit. Love the richness and quality of the nail varnish. Plus it's 'PRITI NYC'. £9.95

zalando fashion frenzy

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