Saturday, 17 September 2011

Golden Lights & City Heights

Gold dress top | Wallis

As soon as I laid eyes upon this Gold masterpiece, i immediately fell in love with it.

The colour and fabric is so eye-popping, and it is the ideal factor for a great night out., All you need is heels, accessories and your ready to go.
 At only £40,this stunner won't last long.

Fashion hint: Don't be afraid to stand out.

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  1. I've always found so funny how they transform the prices in pounds to prices in euros, as 40 pounds is 45 euros, not 55 euros as the label says! I always have this problem when buying in Topshop, everything is so unfairly expensive and I always pay at least 20% more than if I bought it in Britain! I've actually been thinking of buying online in Topshop online store, because, even with the shipping costs, I'd get it cheaper than if I bought in here in Spain. It's crazy!

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